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Who would win star wars or halo

who would win star wars or halo

Another factor to remember is that toucan box gift subscription the Vikings were much larger people than the Romans and more than likely could endure longer in a battle.
The Doomsday machine was nearly 3km long and destroyed whole planets.
Yet when he fell to the dark side, many ditched that idea.Best Costume Design (John Mollo).Land combat: China has a larger population (1/5 of the whole world) to fight with and much better trained soldiers (search up chinese marines vs us marines) Airborne combat: Russia would definitely lose the war in the air.Just have them hijack a vehicle and they will get ranked.Best Visual Effects (John Stears, John Dykstra, Richard Edlund, Grant McCune and Robert Blalack ).The Hunter's odds are greatly reduced if allies are allowed in combat.Other gadgets mainly affect movement or weapons, which have already been covered.The primary weapons used within the Star Wars universe are lasers and proton missiles.1980's The Empire Strikes Back won 2 Oscars: Sound and Visual Effects.The assimilation of a Dark Jedi wouldactually be the assimilation of the Borg by them.Each craft would easily be destroyed with a single shot.The list of nominations is as follows (Oscar wins in bold.Anakin Skywalker was the "Chosen One the one who would destroy the evil in the universe.
The Imperial Class Star Destroyers are around a kilometer long whilst the Executor class Super Star Destroyer is over 19km long.

In the end the figures add up to only one possible conclusion, the complete and utter defeat of the Star Wars universe.V'ger is over 98km long and utterly defeated anything that came near.John Williams was awarded his third Oscar for Best Music, Original Score ; the Best Sound went to Don MacDougall, Ray West, Bob Minkler and Derek Ball; and a Special Achievement for Sound Effects went to Ben Burtt.Defending and leading his people against the numerically superior Huk while leading from the front.His radar isn't as advanced, only detecting motion, but that's likely not a disadvantage considering Samus will be constantly in motion.No one because the nuclear nations would destroy each other Edit: (My opinion).However, the shields do not recharge on their own, so she'd have to rely on local resources (which may be sparse) to replenish them.The Tsar Bomb is the largest.