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Vipkid banana reward system

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Blow them up high, and blow them fast so they fly passssst your laptop and dont land onnnnnn your keyboard, lest it get all sticky with bubble residue.
Their rewards usually included Velcro, cutting and laminating, painting and adding magnets, etc.Blow them away from your mousepad tooit how does gift of college work gets slimy.Dinosaurs, any Plastic Toy Animal, chips (Cheez-Its come in a pack that has letters on each cracker!I had a hard time finding anyone who used rewards that werent crafty!Fidget Spinners (also good for teaching colors and shapes).I have never used a homemade crafty reward and my students still love me!These are very fun and also work for teaching letters/letter sounds!) The list goes on!I just blow them toward the camera and I sing a little song to the tune of Lollipop, lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli It goes, Bubble time, bubble time, oh bubble bubble time.Do you as a routine before each class screenshot your stats for proof that they're all functioning?Pez Dispenser, food (also doubles as props for lessons on food).This full-color printable includes monkey page and banana rewards, ready to print and laminate.The supply is limitless!Im planning to get the big big big ones that are all striped that you find at amusement parks and spend 10 bucks on for your kidthen after twenty minutes of trying to get that thing open they take one taste and are done.Lol Ok ok then go borrow your childs bubbles from wherever they are stored.When you're teaching the lesson, is it easy to flip back and forth to this slide?
I use a truck and a Chewbacca but any pez dispenser will.
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Here are more non-crafty rewards you can use.Anything works if you make it exciting!You get candy from Chewbacca!Lots of bubbles, lol.Im going to get a bubble gun so that I dont have to move my mic every time.Your vipkid students will light up!Pretty sure thats.Not getting new vipkid bonus.Go get the bubbles that you have been hiding in the cabinet in hopes that the children wont see them or remember they got them in their Easter basket.I always spin it then balance it on one finger.