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Ambition Is Evil : Their, fatal Flaw.
Evil Overlord : Seriously, he's the closest the series gets to the classical mold, even if he doesn't have enough power to back it up with at least not yet (working on it; ta, thanks).
Raised by Natives : The first 10 years with the Greyjoys and the later 9 with the Starks.
The current Greyjoys did not interact with their older three brothers.It seems strange that Euron - who is surely aware how much Victarion hates him - would give him so much freedom of action.Asha later agrees with him.She Is All Grown Up : Theon, not recognizing her after first coming home in ten years, immediately tries to seduce her.They are both brilliant tacticians who are also using magic to achieve their ends.It prevents him screaming for help.King Bob the Nth : Boasts the largest ordinal in all Westeros.Mind Rape : Theon is a Smug Snake Jerkass, but he's so broken by Ramsay Bolton's physical, mental, and sexual abuse that it's impossible not to pity him.At least until he's captured by Ramsay and tortured so brutally that it's impossible not to feel bad for him. A Feast for Crows, Chapter 29, The Reaver.

It was Euron who came up with the battle plan for the surprise Raid on Lannisport during the Greyjoy Rebellion, which burned Tywin Lannister 's entire fleet at anchor before it could respond to the ironborn's declaration of independence.Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy : With Theon.4 Euron confronts his older brother Balon on a rope bridge at Pyke during a storm.Wise Beyond His Years : Instead of immediately jumping at the Greens offer like many young lords would have done, Dalton wisely waited for the Blacks' better counteroffer.9 Euron parades his prisoners through King's Landing.All of them died during their childhood.Even distant relations like Dagon the Drunkard love to fight drunk or sober according to Asha.And I say that all Westeros is dying.In the Shivering Sea, he sailed to the frozen isle of Ib, north of Essos, where he wrestled the hairy whaling-folk to steal their booty."Only a fool humbles himself when the world discount coleman camping gear is so full of men eager to do that job for him." Last surviving son of Balon Greyjoy, after both his elder brothers were killed in an ill-fated rebellion, and heir to the Iron Islands.Discovering this was evidence reinforcing that he was actually "unbreakable" because all heroes have some sort of weakness.
Contrast, depower, Cross-Melting Aura and, drama-Preserving Handicap.