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Every Indiana Jones film will include Indy fighting a gardiner pole system discount code big strong henchman (in the first three, played by the same actor) who'll end up being killed in an extraordinarily violent fashion.
On rare occasions, however, this would turn the other way - the odd episode had Misty gushing over a Water Pokémon (or something related to a water-type) and Brock would drag her away, and one occasion had the cute girl of the week proposing.
Every Phase 2 Marvel Cinematic Universe movie or series involves someone losing or having lost a hand, as a Shout-Out to The Empire Strikes Back.
1) Eek will always say "It never hurts to help." 2) It will always hurt to help.Played with in Ghost Protocol : Brandt is seen in the signature pose, but no cables are involved; instead he is actually being pushed up by a large magnet below him and a magnetic suit he's wearing.ThunderCats, HO!" Even in the "Freaky Friday" Flip episode, they manage to get the ThunderCats cry.Bugs Bunny has his "Eh, what's up, Doc?" line, occasionally varied depending on who he's addressing (e.g., "What's up MacDoc?" to a Scotsman, "What's up croc?" to a crocodile, "What's up duck?" to Daffy Duck ).Serial Experiments Lain : The opening Aspect Montage.Voltes V : Again, the Five-Man Band every episode yelled "Let's Volt In!" to combine in Voltes-V.Wily his previous 8 defeats, each one ending with the doctor begging for mercy.The Elder Scrolls : Every game except for Daggerfall begins with the Player Character as a prisoner, and the tutorial is your escape/release.Try to take over the world!" They hung a lampshade on both of these several times.Every game has a different Youngster who likes shorts, because they're comfy and easy to wear.Both are now gone as of Best Wishes, as Brock was finally Put on a Bus, and Team Rocket Took a Level in Badass and now only blast off of their own will.Anakin Skywalker, Yoda.
Also foreshadowing since from that point on, pretty much anything than can go wrong with the mission, does.

South Park : The death of Kenny in early seasons.Groo the Wanderer has featured many once-an-issue gags in its time, from the fairly subtle 'hidden message' in each issue (usually something helpful such as 'This Is The Hidden Message through the ever-changing job titles given to co-writer Mark Evanier ( What, Exactly, Is His.Turns out to be a Freeze-Frame Bonus when the wood carver is cutting a log.Seeing that Pinky was better at being smart than he was, Brain made himself stupid.The Amazing Spider-Man : Working in the school library while listening to music on headphones, which renders him oblivious to Spidey and the Lizard tearing the place apart.Candace threatening to tell mom about Phineas and Ferb's latest crazy project.The Flesh saying "Ouchies!".

In Batman Begins, he is a major secondary villain.
One includes Henry and June dancing during the opening number (except one episode due to a longer commercial break) and then jumping up to the top comic panel, while Henry or June says, "Howdy KaBlamoids!" or "Welcome back cartoon crammers!" and then the duo would.