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How to win a gemini woman back

Be considerate, but defend yourself.
Looking to astrology and to her zodiac sign can be a great place to start to re-kindle your relationship after a breakup.
So make sure you follow up!
Even though her attention span is equal to that of a gnat, she's an excellent researcher, so be on guard, for she probably will dig up any falsehood you may lay on her.Send him the email (not a text let him mull it over.Otherwise he'll feel you weren't paying attention.Knowing her astrological sign is a good starting point; everything else is up to what you know about her.He will say little and listen much.Tell her you want to perfect your relationship with her, too; shell like that you want to make a continuing effort.So, one of the most important things to do when trying to win a Gemini back is proving to her that this time will be more fun.To open the door you must be confident, sensual and brief.And no, that doesnt mean spamming her timeline with photos of your skydiving.She likes to be in control, but not win an rv when it comes to reconciliation.You can appeal to her sense of humor by sending her one of those dancing daisies that sings "You are my sunshine" or cater to her sweet tooth with a box of truffles.She wants to see excitement for the future from you, not just that youre sorry about the past.She wants to be seen as an individual and not just an extension of you; if she feels lost, the relationship wont last.When you want to win back a Cancer, you need to know beforehand that shes going to try to milk this for a while.If you can assure yourself and your Gemini lover that their independence can work within a relationship then you have every chance of winning them back.So if you want to get to him just lay it out on the line.
Aries female: Gifts, gifts and more gifts.

This is a vulnerable time for her, especially because she doesnt take relationships or break ups lightly, so its important that you show her youre serious.Telling them how much you regret it and how sorry you are, more than paul mccartney starbucks gift card one time in more than one encounter with them will make them soften.Let him know no one, but NO ONE, can take his place.The upstream Pisces can stay angry for a very long time, and yes, he holds a grudge.Don't bombard him with anything too heavy, it'll give him a headache.She wants to hear comptia security voucher cheap you say you love her and want her back; roses and a cheesy song wont.
Make it a fun, teasing event and you may have your foot at least back in the Geminis door.
He isn't going to allow anyone to play him.

Geminis may appear scatter-brained and unfocused but thats just the nature of their contradictory moods, and somewhat inner conflict.
Just be direct and tell him things got heated, or that he's missed, and you would love to talk, "how about I make you dinner and chill and relax.?" That should do the trick.