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How to develop the gifts of the holy spirit

Our gifts should not be diy mason jar valentine gifts sitting out in the driveway.
God sees us as deeply integrated and very complicated beings.
As we exercise and magnify these gifts, we will be able to accomplish the callings and responsibilities that will come into our lives.
Use the cheat sheet on this page to help.Spiritual gifts should be discovered, developed, and used freely and willingly.I could have thought, Maybe its not a good time.Elder Hales addresses these questions.The Gift of Wisdom, the Gift of Writing, other Spiritual Gifts.The bottom line is this: your physical health impacts your spiritual growth.
We develop our gifts as we look for these cues of the Holy Spirit to open up opportunities.

Practice and cultivate and Meditate upon these things.Why are we given gifts?You may not be confident in your gift.(3 pray for guidance : Prayer is essential if you wish to become serious about discovering and using your gift to fulfill Gods purposes.(2 accept the gift: Believe that you are gifted (see 1 Pet.God has given you something wonderful.In my spiritual house cleansing book, I go into details about this starting on page 252.She needed prayer and encouragement.There are many different gifts identified in scripture.The end product attempts to assist the reader to fully grasp the meaning of the gift, how it might be known, where it may be exercised, and ways in which it can be developed.
I believe we miss a lot of cues at times.