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How many electoral college votes did clinton win

Hillary Clinton received 0 of 7 electoral votes, receiving 420,375 votes to Donald Trump's 949,136 votes, losing Oklahoma.
But is that popular gift ideas for men really a convincing rebuttal to the pretty basic and obvious argument that in the most important electoral choice Americans make, their votes should be treated equally?
Democratic Partycandidate incumbent President William Clinton won reelection in the1996 presidential election defeating Republican Party candidate BobDole.In the 2nd, Hillary Clinton received 144,817 votes to DonaldTrump's 181,177 votes.Thats when the real fun began.Given our historythat was never going to happen.Sure, candidates might end up spending less time stumping in the rural areas that currently happen to be lucky enough to fall within the borders of swing states, and more time in urban centers.This article was originally published before the election.But due to the magic of the Electoral College, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.Hillary Clinton received 227 of 538 electoral votes, receiving 65,853,516 votes to Donald Trump's 62,984,825 votes, losing 5 faithless electors of whom 3 voted for Colin Powell, 1 for Bernie Sanders, and 1 for Faith Spotted Eagle.The popular vote totals were Clinton 65,794,399 and Trump62,955,202.Great system!) And this year, one Democratic elector candidate from Washington state has repeatedly said that he will absolutely not cast his ballot for Hillary Clinton if she wins his state.Hillary Clinton received 0 of 3 electoral votes, receiving 93,758 votes to Donald Trump's 216,794 votes, losing North Dakota.Yes, the November 8 presidential election was in actuality the venerable ritual in which the residents of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and a few other states got the privilege of choosing the president of the United States of America.Sean Parnell, Jacqueline Tupou, and Carolyn Leman officially became Alaskas three electors.The national, popular vote (which Hillary won) is completely irrelevant under the rules pulitzer prize symbol as laid out by the Constitution.The man who will be sworn into office on Jan.But in the system we have today, the electors are chosen to be rubber stamps.

Hillary Clinton received 10 electoral votes, receiving 1,367,716 votes to Donald Trump's 1,322,951 votes, winning Minnesota.The exceptions are Maine and Nebraska.But in most, the penalty for not doing so is only a fine, and its unclear whether stiffer penalties would hold up in court its never been tested, and the Constitution does appear to give the electors the right to make the final call.So they created a double buffer.Thats why its no coincidence that the Electoral College has twice in this century benefited the party favored by the former group over the one preferred by the latter.Remember the thirteen colonies?Presidential elections are decided by capturing the majority of the United States 538 electoral votes ; at publication time, Trump led Clinton 279 to 218, thus topping the 270 needed for said majority.Obviously, Bill will change his game plan to fit the new rules.Initially, some state legislators picked the electors themselves, while other states had some form of statewide vote in which the electors themselves would be candidates.That power is reserved for those 538 actual people who will meet in their respective states this Monday the electors.
If the rules were different, they would have run different campaigns.

Low voter turnout has often been tied to such elections and indeed, that factor has also come into play this year: When Trumps final count is tallied, its possible hell have earned fewer popular votes than John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.