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Chie Satonaka and Naoto Shirogane are growing their hair out to emphasize their burgeoning femininity.
Similarly, the Doctor's hair has been cut noticeably between "The Dominators" and "The Mind Robber" even though the two stories lead straight into each other, and everyone's westin coupon codes 2016 (the Brigadier's, Sarah Jane's and the Fourth Doctor's) hair has grown out significantly between the cliffhanger at the.When we start seeing Jin's backstory flashbacks, it becomes clear that he used to have the apprentice style, but stopped cutting it after he became a ronin.Answered, safeway club rewards in, zeus was believed by the Ancient Greeks to be one of the Olympian gods, and all the Olympian gods lived.Rukia began the series with a spiky, somewhat messy haircut reaching to her shoulders.In Queens Logic, when Carla signals she wants to changer her life, she has Patty dye her hair red.Western Animation In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron movie Cindy sported pigtails.Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog : Princess Sally let her hair grow long when Sonic was thought dead for a year.

Chuck grows a huge beard of sorrow and sits at home moping at the beginning of season 3, because he quit his job, lost Sarah AND didn't pass spy training.From Persona 3 and Persona 4 to Persona 4: Arena : Mitsuru's hair reaches past her hips and is much fuller, completely lacking the "princess curl" of her childhood.From a squeaky-clean doctor to an atoning monster hunter.Pro Wrestling Sting started off with a bleach-blond flattop haircut to go with his surfer gimmick.This happens to Azula in season 3, the haircut is self-inflicted, and it gets worse with a disheveling during her climactic battle.She even points it out after she meets up with him later, apparently finding it immature.It looks most different in Season 18, where it is visibly greying and has a different texture to match the Doctor's more subdued and dark personality.When he returned from the dead, he started out with his trademark hairstyle, but traveling around in a warsuit to get back to Metropolis had the chemicals inside grow out his hair, which he kept until the wedding about four years later.
Phoebe, Prue and Paige reverting to their teenage selves in different unrelated episodes is accompanied by them getting thick bangs.
By Season 3, both to show that time has passed and to mark her change into a Dark Action Girl, the hair is longer.

Vampire Knight : This happens to Yuuki Cross when her brother/boyfriend Kaname reverts her to her true pureblood vampire form.
By the time of Persona 3 proper, her hair is waist-length and wavy, with only a slight curl in the ends.
Late in the story, Ed spends several months in hiding recuperating from a serious injury, and afterward he switches to a ponytail.