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Discount mattress stores in salt lake city utah

discount mattress stores in salt lake city utah

This passes after about an hour out of bed, and nothing else in my room has changed to account for this. .
Thank you everyone for helping me figure out what is causing my misery.
My boyfriend started sleeping on it in 2004 and has developed severe health problems.I have since been diagnosed with psoriasis and Rosacea, and begun having increased anxiety and loss of sleep.So far the store has been very helpful and one worker told me that another person had 3dwhite com 10.00 rebate returned the same bed model due to smell.In the last year I have developed neck pain and see a chiropractor for this.They have subsequently told me of terrible back pains and joint pains they and their husbands were having - none of us thought it could be the mattress pads. .I was skeptical that the bed was causing it because I had never thought before of foam as having anything in it that could be harmful.You may have saved my life.It has now been about two weeks since we stopped sleeping on the bed and aside from some discoloration (which I suspect may take along time to go away) and only minor itching, I am doing much better. .I lived in a hot climate, and realized that I had been sick every summer that I didn't work since buying a couch several years back.In a few days I noticed I was feeling generally irritable, lethargic, anxious, and depressed.This dizziness leads to nausea and really makes mornings difficult. .

Please e-mail me back with a response.They ran blood tests for Limes Disease, Mono, Strep, and a variety of other illnesses, but the tests all came back negative. .I developed hives, with horrible itching and a sinus infection that just won't go away. .New York, NY Email: December 16, 2005 No response from TempurPedics Main Office I bought a Tempurpedic mattress and I am having sensitivity problems to the polyurethane material in the mattress. .Three days later I called the furniture company and told them to remove the mattress. .They wont take the bed back but I really need to know what's in this bed. .I'm in very good health and am 34, but for the past week have woken up achy in the bones, sometimes with a headache and for the last 4 days have been diarrhetic.Put mattress outside for a few months-basically a write off and will spend money on organic. .Does anyone have any suggestions?Late afternoon I noticed a slight sore throat and during the night I noted some back pain while I slept, but brushed it off as lying in the wrong position. .

I am considering purchasing one. .
We have had the bed now for five weeks and the symptoms are lessening in severity, but continue to be present, nonetheless.
I am so glad I found this site - now I know I am not the only one. .