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The 4 (7) is well justified and agreed.
The one outright bad track on the side is "Not Now John the album's one attempt at a rocker with Dave sounding a lot like the fool who sang on "Nile Song" (and don't forget the hilariously awkward female background singers!).
Even Syd's songs are less impressive as "compositions" - not the lyrics, which I love (even the one pinched from the I Ching but the melodies, which are very limited for mothers day gift to send the most part.I do not know if David had read your review but while the remnants of Pink Floyd (it was the last big concert for Richard) did not include 'Dogs they managed to respond with 'Echoes'.long live pink Phillip Koulogianes (t) (05/28/06) Hey John, Great site.Dare I say he sings David's parts better than David himself?Like I said, the story is pretty much indecipherable from the music, and the main problem is that the album doesn't work well in terms of songs, either.I like albatrosses hanging motionless upon the air! .Finally, check out these lyrics from "Lost for Words "So I open my door to my enemies, and I ask, 'could we wipe the slate clean?' But they tell me to please go fuck myself; you know you just can't win." I don't know about.We can teach you how to play all the casino games.So yes, it's one of the two best tracks on the album, and even if it's overplayed it deserves a lot of its fame.
Tim Light (m) (8/13/11) Probably the least played of my Floyd albums, along with The Final Cut.
And well, this one freaked me out.

This must not be easy to keep in one's head, especially with all of the strange echoes that would be bouncing back at them from all over the stadium-in addition to the intentional hoes of echoes!Listen to 'Can't Quit You Baby' for a primer on how to hit as many wrong notes as possible.Thus I will list my criticisms.I should also note that the album works better as a series of extended suites (split up in the way the LP version splits the material across four sides) than as a series of tracks (often very short) that only stick around long enough.Now, I might be one of the very few human beings here that like the second half better than the first.this sums up my indescision and bewilderment about this album) _too_ bleak. .The fourth major highlight comes immediately after "Sorrow" in a spectacular rendition of "High Hopes which I love even more than the great original.Dsotm period, which contains its lesser known albums, as better overall then the albums made in the band's commercial peak 73-'79).You know what, though?Paul Stevenson (m) I had serious doubts when I purchased this that it would be any use.I would disagree about your placement of Piper in your list as #100 as it deserves a much more advanced position in the chronology of influential major releases, unless of course I misunderstood your system.
Yet Another Movie is one of the few Floyd tracks that bore.

Sure it could've been trimmed a minute or so, but it would've fit right in on Amused To Death.
Nick mason: jazzy drummer.