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Civil war christmas gifts

The Southland Queen, emerging From her sad and wintry gloom, Robes her torn and bleeding bosom In her richest orient bloom.
Battling, bleeding, torn, Thy altars desolate; Thy lovely dark-eyed daughters mourn At war's relentless fate; And widows' prayers, and orphans' tears, Her homes will consecrate, While more than brass or marble rears The trophy of her great.On a Sunday in June 1861, Bickerdyke listened as her pastor, Edward Beecher, brother of Henry Ward Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe, told of the need for volunteer help in the military camps in nearby Cairo, Ill.For faith betrayed and pledges broken, Wrong inflicted, insults spoken.For fathers, husbands, sons, Are the "rebels" the foe would smite, And earnest the prayer for those lives so dear, And a bleeding country's right.B "THE baltimore grays." AH, well I remember that long summer's day When, round about Richmond our broken ranks lay." From far-off conquered cities Comes a voice of stifled wail, And the shrieks and moans of the houseless Ring out like a dirge on the gale.Cite wealth and science, trade and art, Touch with thy fire the cautious mart, And pour thee through the people's heart, Carolina!I hear a murmur, as of waves That grope their way through sunless caves.
Composed in the Yankee Bastille.
But far away another line is stretching dark and long, Another flag is floating free where armed legions throng; Another war-cry's on the air, as wakes the martial drum, And onward still, in serried ranks, the Southern soldiers come, And up to that abattis high.

Civil War Songs - Confederate, many of these song lyrics and poems have been long forgotten.Parents he hadthey are far away; No sister weeps o'er the soldier's clay; No brother comes, with a tearful eye: It's only a soldier's gravepass.Have you anything that ranks higher than that?" Later, she was named a Sanitary Commission agent.And if peace should be hopeless and justice denied, And war's bloody vulture should flap its black pinions, Then gladly "to arms while we hurl, In our pride, Defiance to tyrants and death to their minions!But in sadness I think of that Christmas, For many then happy and gay Have gone to the realm of silence And sleep in their beds of clay; The hands that filled kindly totoro gift shop my stockings, I shall grasp in this world no more, But when.She cooked some peaches, secretly spiked them with a potent but harmless purgative, and left them to cool while she worked elsewhere.
But we were old vets of Stonewall's brigade; We'd been fighting so long that war seemed a trade; And some of us laughed at the youngsters so gay Who had come to the battle as if coming to play; And all through the camp you.
I did not, I would not, I could not believe That my own darling Lily could ever deceive.